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Has it ever happened to you that you tried to explain something to a journalist and in the end, what you read in the paper was a completely different story? Did this make you angry?

Perhaps the journalist was not the only one at fault. Being able to communicate with the media is not at all simple, which is why there are disciplines such as media training. Someone can be an immensely successful manager, yet when faced with a microphone or camera have no idea what to do. There are times when this "minor fault" can turn into a huge handicap.

Media training focused primarily on practical exercises is a popular service with our clients. Our media trainers at AC&C Public Relations, often former journalists, including television, know what the media will appreciate and what is, on the other hand, absolutely inapropriatte to do. There are simple tips as well as more complex processes, but they work nearly every time.

In a few hours of training, you will learn what to say and what is better left unsaid, how to formulate better sentences, what to do with your hands, where to look, and how to hide your nervousness... In the theoretical part of the preparation, you can learn about the specific aspects of various media and, if necessary, also about the specifics of certain journalists.

You will be able to see for yourselves that your self-confidence will rise once your presentation is perfected. Your new knowledge and skills will then come in handy, not only when you give interviews to the media, but also in any public presentation.

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