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m frydl 2Martin Frýdl

I dare say that media relations is one of the strongest features of the AC&C Public Relations agency. Why? A great number of our consultants come from the media world – Czech Television, Hospodářské noviny, MFDnes, and others. Not many of our competitors can match our know-how.

We are intimately familiar with the media environment, are in regular contact with a broad range of media, not only the news media, but also industry and lifestyle media. Our database contains several thousand names of active journalists. But, above all, we are able to anticipate which topics will interest the media.

The results of our work in media relations are fairly easily measureable. Our clients are among the most frequently quoted in their sectors, and journalists appreciate their media service provided by us.

It may not seem logical, but in an era where the vast majority of information is moving to the Internet and the world is seemingly ruled by social networks, communication through traditional media is still one of the most effective PR tools.


Case Study:

nadaceviaHow to Capture Journalists' Attention – the Via Bona Journalist Award

The foundation of success is to find topics that are of interest to the media and to capture journalists' attention. Since 1998, the VIA Foundation has recognised companies and individuals that help their communities, by awarding the VIA Bona Awards. Czech media, however, are generally uninterested in reporting on charity projects. That is why we came up with the idea of creating a new category of the VIA Bona Awards: the Journalist Award.

The goal was to make key journalists read the projects submitted and see for themselves that the best ones are worth writing about. That indeed succeeded, and the coverage of the project in the media has jumped up several levels in terms of quality and quantity since 2010, when the award was established. Furthermore, closer cooperation was initiated with selected media, even those that originally did not take part in the project.

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