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m frydl 2Martin Frýdl

Silent company cannot be successful – this is valid truth. If you do not build the right brand perception, understanding, and support with all of your target groups, you give your competition a leg up on you.

That is why we need to provide information and explanations on a sustained basis. We need to deliver information exactly to the place where it has an effect, and then watch carefully to see what the target group makes of it. And then respond accordingly.

Proceeding chaotically can cause more harm than good. It is useful to remember what you said a month ago, last year, or five years ago, and be able to build on that. Only if your external communication is consistent can you expect your target groups to trust you. And what if something in your company changes and you need to revise the positions that you have taken thus far? Even that can be managed without great losses. It is not easy, but that is why we are here. We stand by our clients in good times and bad.

We know that you need to communicate with many target groups, whether end consumers / customers (B2C), business partners (B2B), shareholders, or employees, who are the most valuable asset a company has. For all that, there are many channels available, from traditional ones to social media and direct communication. We are here to help you prepare and implement your communication.


Case Study:

wizz pripstudie 220Wizz Air's Arrival on the Czech Market

Before entering the Czech market, the Wizz Air brand knowledge was virtually zero. The Czech aviation market is highly competitive: it has more airlines operating on it than any other Central and East European country. We have employed many tools (media relations, creative sponsorship, and bartered cooperation with the media...) and made the most of key moments, such as when the largest competitor – Sky Europe – went bankrupt.

Thanks to thorough preparation, Wizz Air dominated in communication and easily assumed the spot freed up on the market. Within six months, it became the second largest carrier at Prague International Airport, after the domestic Czech Airlines, and the largest low-cost carrier in the country, surpassing its global competitors RyanAir and EasyJet in the Prague market.

The project won second place in the Corporate Communication category in the Czech PR Awards.

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